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Dates: April 24-27
Place: [personal profile] jdjunkie's DW
Optional theme: the four seasons. Thursday = spring, Friday = summer, Saturday = fall/autumn, Sunday = winter.
What you need to do: show up and have fun with the boys! Write something, make art or icons or a fanmix or vid, excerpt/link to favorite stories/art/vids, or just squee over whatever goodies turn up!

Friendship is as welcome as slash. Everything's no-pressure, low-key.

Here's an additional request from [personal profile] jdjunkie: I would love if everyone (writers or non-writers) could pen a few words on what you love about Jack/Daniel (or Jack and Daniel!) and what drew you to them, kept you there etc. It doesn't have to be a thesis, although, yes, I'd LOVE THAT!! And no-one will be marking your essay or taking apart your thoughts. Just ... jump in and let us all know. We take it for granted that we love them, but we rarely talk about why. And you all know I'm a nosy junkie. ;-) It would make me very happy if folk had a go. :-)
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I'm in the process of attempting to upload some of my old BDSM stories to AO3. (For those of you not familiar, BDSM was just about all I wrote back in the beginning.) I was only going to do a couple of the major ones, but one of them referred back to a few other stories, and I realized it was a bigger project than I first thought. Anyway, one of the referenced stories turned out to be one that apparently never made it to LJ/DW.

So here it is! I've edited for comma abuse and semicolon neglect and multiple uses of 'the other man' and the improper use of bold text for emphasis, and broken it into new paragraphs wherever that helped with POV (which is still all over the place, but not in a confusing way, hopefully. I'm not about to undertake a rewrite. *g*)

It's rated R. I don't have a word count. Apparently AO3 doesn't give you one when you save a draft. Apologies for any and all wacky formatting (e.g. huge paragraph breaks.) There's a BDSM scene but no sexual activity. And there's a plot!

Summary: While on an off-world mission, Jack begins to act very strangely, toward Daniel in particular.

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Written in response to the [community profile] jackdanielpromptfic Episode Prompt of the Month for April 2014, this is a 775 word 'Forever In A Day' episode tag. It's rated G, and it's gen or pre-slash as you choose.

Welcome back, [personal profile] paian!

The Path Ahead

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So I'm writing a story that takes place at Jack's house, and I make the mistake of doing some research, and I realize that probably every single fic I've ever set there was off base in one way or another. From the early stories when I'd send Jack and Daniel upstairs to bed in a one story house, to not realizing the shape of the house and where the bedroom actually is, to misplacing the You name it.

Now I'm shocked to discover that there are two entrances to Jack's kitchen (from the dining room and from the hallway), and that the entrance from the dining room has a pocket door! Possibly the entrance from the hall to the dining room has a pocket door, too. I thought I glimpsed a handle in one screencap. (Which is neither here nor there, but startled me because I did all that research on Sam's house, and she had pocket doors, and I'm left to wonder if that's a Canadian thing? LOL) ETA: There is most definitely a pocket door between the hall and the dining room! When Jack comes home from the store in Full Alert and finds Kinsey in his living room, that door is closed. It's a louvered door. Whaddya know.

Anyway, my little story is pretty well fucked. Er, so just forget that you read this, okay? Because I don't think I can honestly fix it, so I'm just going to go with it. ;-P

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(I recently went through my DW imported entries for 2006 and the beginning of 2007, updating tags, and decided I needed to archive this final chapter of If You Really Loved Me that was posted to [community profile] smutday on Valentine's Day 2007. Here is Part One. If I do this right you should be able to follow the DW links 1-2-3-4. Let me know if I've screwed up! And apologies for weird formatting and whatnot. So long ago!)

Part Four

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Kid Stuff

Apr. 3rd, 2014 12:11 am
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From the far reaches of time: stuff what I played with as a kidlet.

Evelyn Rudie paper dolls

I never did know who the hell Evelyn Rudie was. (Thanks to Google, I do now.)

As you can see (if you click and scroll on the first link), there were two dolls, with two poses and two sets of clothing.

I named one doll Evelyn and the other one Rudie. And the one with her hair up was obviously a smug bitch, so I'm sure I acted out many a scene of Good triumphing over Evil.

I'm really disappointed that none of the clothing rings any bells at all. SO long ago...
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No fooling. We didn't invent nothing, folks. I just watched a silent 1922 Sherlock Holmes movie starring John Barrymore, which was based on a 1899 play initially written by Conan Doyle and rewritten by lead actor William Gillette, with Conan Doyle's permission.

High School AU

Okay, okay - Sherlock and John were university students, at Cambridge. So, not really high school. But still...

Hilariously, Barrymore was 40 years old at the time. Future Oscar nominee Roland Young (Watson) of the Topper movies, in his film debut, was 35. In a supporting role, three-time Oscar nominee William Powell of the Thin Man movies, also was making his film debut at age 30. Not a one of them looked like they belonged at university!

Updated to present day

The Cambridge scenes opened the movie, but then events moved into the present (1922), where Sherlock had established his consulting practice, and Watson was already married. Automobiles and telephones instead of hansom cabs and gas lights. Except that there were still horse-drawn vehicles in use, because that's the way it was in 1922.

Um, no cell phones and texting, though. *g*

short clip of student!Holmes meeting Moriarty under the cut )
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White Collar will have just six episodes to wrap things up. :-(

Cough Cough

Mar. 2nd, 2014 07:15 pm
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OMG, sneezing 15* times in a row is Not Good!!! *weeps for ripped apart throat*

*I might be exaggerating. Could only be 13 or 14. It's hard to keep count when you're DYING.

(Yes, I should dust mop more often.)

Clearly soup should be soothing, but the sneezing attack interrupted my reading! *shakes fist*
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I was just roaming through some old bookmarks of images over at [community profile] jackdanielpromptfic, and found one made by [personal profile] paian that goes really well with my Porn Battle fic, Oh Promise Me.

Click on the image to embiggen the guh
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For [ profile] sg_fignewton's prompt: Teal'c and Daniel doing something gennishly fun together while Sam and Jack are stuck with military protocol things.

230 words, rated G

Choosing Sides
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Written to [personal profile] princessofgeeks's prompt: Jack and Daniel, After Red Sky

Gen (probably, depending on your goggles of choice), 1316 words, PG for a bit of language.

The title comes from Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address.

The Better Angels of Our Nature
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Honestly, I burst into laughter three or four times while reading this. I think I laughed even more when I re-read it to see if I should link it for you here. *g*

Attempts to Find a Symbol for the Conflict Between My Screenplay’s Protagonist and Antagonist
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I battled teh pr0n and I won! 1,111 words, NC-17

I used these prompts: lazy, sunshine, sweat, lick, resignation, champagne, perfect, touch, skin

This one's for you, [personal profile] jdjunkie!

Oh Promise Me
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A belated Jack/Daniel Valentine drabble, filling a prompt from [personal profile] ivorygates: Dark Desire?
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Fast forwarding through the commercials on my DVR Olympics recordings, I kept getting a brief glimpse of James Spader's face. I finally got curious and checked it out.



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