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1. So have you all seen the links flying around LJ and DW regarding Turkish oil wrestling?

Well, [personal profile] zats_clear wanted some SG-1 fic to be inspired by these links.

Some was. Turkish Delight. (J/D pre-slash, PG-13)

2. This next bit will make little sense if you haven't been following [ profile] troyswann's Peregrine AU WIP fanfic based on (Inspector) Lewis. So, begin with Peregrine and work your way through the list to the most recent entry, The Flavour of Strawberries. You won't regret it, because Sal writes the most golden of words. And it's so very extremely AU that you don't need to know canon!

And I wrote fanfic of her fantastic Alternate Universe: here. It's a future!fic, not part of the WIP.

Confused? Well, check it all out anyway. Immerse yourself in the world Sal built. Thank me later. :-)

3. In the not-ready-to-rock-and-roll-yet category, I spent 2 1/2 hours last night editing the [profile] aboreal_gate multiple-author, still-untitled NC-17 J/D cliffhanger, trying to align all the pieces parts and gain some semblance of continuity. It's at about 12,340 words, which is so AWESOME, when it all began as a fragment I had no clue where to go with. I'll write a final scene to tie up loose ends, throw it on the mercy of a beta or two to see whether or not it all hangs together, and take it from there. :-)
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Oops! Posted this a month ago and nearly forgot to mention it!

Another addition to the cliffhanger at [community profile] arboreal_gate: scroll up for the beginning of the fic, scroll down for the latest addition

(In unrelated news, that 1921 AU I'm not writing? Is now a 1922 AU. Stoopid trufax.)
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I've added another thousand words: link to top level comments. Jack and Daniel are actually talking. Sort of. Scroll up for the beginning of the story, scroll down for the newest bit.
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I just added ~480 words to the J/D cliffhanger at [community profile] arboreal_gate. The link goes to top level comments only. Scroll up for the beginning of the fic, scroll to the end to see the newest addition.
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At [community profile] phoenix_gate, Catherine/Ernest, prompt = picnic, 375 words, rated G. Future of Days Passed

At [community profile] arboreal_gate, a 265 word continuation of Fluffy, Branch #2. The link is to top-level comments only. Scroll up for the beginning of the fic, scroll to the bottom to see the newest additions (there's currently one following mine -- and it's hilarious!)

Also at [community profile] arboreal_gate, a 643 word continuation of the NC-17 Jack/Daniel cliffhanger (maybe it's time to come up with a name for this?). Top-level comment link again.

At [community profile] fic_promptly, prompt = Daniel, Easter, 894 words, rated PG. Where, O death, is now thy sting?
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I wrote a Five Things: Five things Daniel did while separated from his teammates in Continuum.

Over at [community profile] arboreal_gate the NC-17 Jack/Daniel cliffhanger fic starter I posted has sparked ideas, OMGYAY! [personal profile] princessofgeeks has taken the ball and run with it, with able assists from sid_fan and [personal profile] elaiel. The link should take you to a Top Level Comments only view so you can read what's been written without interruptions for feedback and chitchat. But you will need to scroll up to read the initial post first. And when you get to the bottom of the page, if you want to go back and view the chitchat or leave fb, just click on 'Threaded'.

There's also some additional Fluffy Branch #2 goodies contributed by [personal profile] elaiel and [personal profile] paian. :-D
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I've been playing at [community profile] arboreal_gate, the Stargate fic tree community.

I've contributed a couple of continuations to the Fluffy, Branch #2 cracky hugmonster story.

And I just posted an 1100 word fic start, NC-17 Jack/Daniel cliffhanger. This is the story I Wordle'd about a month back. I've added the beginning scene it needed, but still have no idea how to continue it. But that's just what [community profile] arboreal_gate is for! Hopefully someone will have an idea and write a snippet, a paragraph, a sentence...

Anyone can contribute. *pokes you all*

Click on 'top-level comments only' to just read the fic and skip the chatty comments.

If the community intrigues you, you can track it so that you'll be notified whenever a tree gets updated. :-)


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