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Linking to my annual contribution to [community profile] perfect_duet's Advent Calendar, another chapter in the escapades of Sophie the Slasher!

'Sophie's Secret Intercourse' can be found on DW or at AO3
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I posted my contribution to this year's [community profile] perfect_duet Advent Calendar, Sophie's Christmas Orgy, on the 5th, but forgot to announce it here in my journals for the handful of you familiar with the Master and Commander fandom.

It continues with my annual tradition of following the adventures of Sophie Aubrey since she became a slasher and discovered her libido. *g*

The entire five-part series is here on AO3. This year's installment is also here on DW at [community profile] perfect_duet.
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Written for the very special Birthday Edition of The Dear Surprise fanzine! HUZZAH!

Rated PG. Quotations are from Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander, the first book in the Aubrey/Maturin series. Also available at AO3

Warnings: crushing heartbreak...followed by crack!

Eight ways Jack and Stephen never got together (and one way they did)

They were seated apart

And on the little gilt chairs at least some of the audience were following the rise with an equal intensity: there were two in the third row, on the left-hand side; and they happened to be sitting next to one another.

On his way to the Governor's House for the concert, Stephen was distracted when he thought he saw a hoopoe in the deepening twilight. It took no more than five minutes of pursuit to realize that he had been mistaken; surely no more than ten minutes at the very most. But it meant that he was, in the event, seated in the fourth row, on the right-hand side.
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Captain Jack Aubrey's wife, Sophie, has been slashing her husband and his particular friend, Stephen Maturin, again! The links below contain links to the previous three stories in the series.

Read Sophie Aubrey, Sex Therapist on LJ or on DW. I'll update with an AO3 link when it's available. And here's the entire series on AO3.
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The Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2012 is aliiiiive!

This year I wrote in the Master and Commander fandom, and I chose tentacle monster for my prompt. The mod then sent me two artwork prompts. They were perfect. I looked at them and I had my story. I've embedded them as links that will open in new windows, so you won't leave the story when you click.

1,645 words, rated PG. I'm not tagging this as slash, since this is precisely the way Jack and Stephen carry on in the canon. *g*

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Because some people poke really hard (and v. messily), I'm posting this without a title. Let me know if anyone thinks of a good one! Came up with a very Romance Novel-y title!

Note: ETA Wordle at the bottom of the page

586 words, NC-17, possession/marking )
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I contributed in a small, but crack-y way to a Master and Commander fandom Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin Big Bang fic written with five other authors for [ profile] journeystory and posted yesterday. We did our own version of The Odyssey (sorry, Homer); my offering is the Circe bit. Here's a fun and pithy summary of the original to bring you up to speed. (We had to leave several chunks of the original out of our story, which is still nearly 29k words. If only we had had another six authors!)

Read The Aubreyad on AO3!

Enjoy the rest of the fabulous art by [ profile] amethystshard!
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This year marks [ profile] perfect_duet's third Advent calendar, and I've been doing an annual sequel to the story I wrote the first year. Sophie's Secret and Sophie's Secret Obsession can be found here in a combined post on LJ.

This year's offering, Sophie's Lee Shore can be read on LJ or DW.

To summarize: Jack Aubrey's wife discovers her inner slash!fan.
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1. For [ profile] sg1_smooch I wrote 'A Reason to Pounce', Jack/Daniel, 290 words, PG-13. You can read it on LJ or at AO3.

2. For [ profile] comment_fic I wrote A.M. Jack/Daniel, 655 words, PG-13, for the prompt: they both half expected the other would be gone in the morning.

3. In the Master and Commander fandom I (anonymously *g*) wrote a fill for [ profile] perfect_duet's Aubreyad Kinkmeme. Jack/Stephen, 837 words, NC-17, for the irrestible prompt: Porn!!! Heavy, sweaty, grabbling action!!! Jack/Stephen please! ETA: link!

I had a busy, productive weekend! :-) There will be [ profile] sg1_five_things links forthcoming after the unscreening.
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Well, this is the first writing I've done this month, so I hope you enjoy it!

'Yea, I Burn Forsooth', Theme: Feverish Friday, Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Jack has come down with a rather nasty flu and Daniel needs to look after him, double drabble

'Into The Light', Theme: bad!sex, Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, Daniel has long had a AMTDI fantasy, but the reality is not what he expected, 750 words

'Perfect Duet', Theme: hobbies, Master and Commander, Jack/Stephen, Music isn't just a way to pass the time, drabble
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Over at [ profile] sg1_five_things:

Five things Teyla hopes for Torren

Five Personal Items taken to Atlantis in the First Year, and who took them

And for [ profile] perfect_duet's Advent Calendar, Day 11:

Sophie's Secret Obsession. Which it is a sequel to "Sophie's Secret" from last year, which is included in the post. ETA: [ profile] alltoseek has done fanart for this! Here!
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in/on my circle/flist who enjoy Jack/Stephen, a post on the [ profile] perfect_duet Advent Calendar, which posits that Sophie is a sekrit slasher.

Also, this was posted on Dec. 2nd, in case you missed it. Christmas Afternoon at the Aubrey's, featuring disagreeable/pining Stephen.

Both are very short, but not drabbles.
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A few little things written recently:

An SG-1/The Sentinel crossover for [personal profile] synecdochic's prompt "101 times JD Nielson (Jack O'Neill's teenage clone) hitched a ride"

For the Master and Commander community [ profile] perfect_duet Advent Calendar, Christmas afternoon chez Aubrey: En Famille

And two Atlantis responses at [ profile] sg1_five_things:

Five times John didn't see it coming

Five ways Lorne became the military commander of Atlantis
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These commentfic were originally part of an Anonymous Kink Meme.  But I figured I might as well share them with the handful of you who are familiar with the fandom.  So shhhhhhh!

Both pretty much NC-17, albeit couched in the language of the early 19th century.  :-)

First prompt: Stephen/Diana - Wedding night. Stephen is a virgin; Diana is surprised.
Warning: HET, omg!

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Second prompt: Stephen/Jack enema
Warning: ENEMA, omg!
(and btw, enemas are canon. *g*)

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I told you about the double drabble I wrote for the fifth anniversary of "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World", 'Quinquennium'.

Now there is fanart! By [ profile] tootsiemuppet!! Here!!!

*iz v. happy*

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For the 2 or 3 of you that love Jack/Stephen, here's a double drabble written to celebrate the five year anniversary of the "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" movie. 'Quinquennium' (shout out to Mabi for the title, since I wouldn't know that word if not for him. *g*)  ETA: Fanart!  There is fanart by the fabulous [ profile] tootsiemuppet , right here!

Set 57:

Five ways the original SG-1 members accept the new ones into their family

Five things Daniel would have done in a time loop

Five times Sam was girly

Five TV programs that Teal'c records so he never misses an episode

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'Touch and Away'

(There.  I wrote something.)
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I've been audacious enough to attempt to write in Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin universe and posted the result to [community profile] perfect_duet.

PG-13, 500 words, h/c, missing scene from Chapter One of Book Two: Post Captain. During a foxhunt, Jack is thrown from his horse after being distracted by a pretty face (i.e. Diana Villiers), and dragged over stony ground until Stephen rides dashingly to the rescue (on his mule, no less.)

Doctor Maturin's Bedside Manner
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I can't believe it.  I just took the dog for a nice walk, at night, in the first week of January, and I was wearing a cardigan over a t-shirt.  Our average high at this time of year is 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  If this is global warming I'll take it.


And just in case any of you are looking for a new fandom *g*, [community profile] mandc_read is just getting underway.  Remember the Russell Crowe movie 'Master and Commander'?  Interested in the Napoleonic Wars?  Like sailors in tight pants?  Love slash?  *g*

We are reading Patrick O'Brian's 20 books featuring the exploits of Royal Navy Captain "Lucky" Jack Aubrey and his ship's surgeon/naturalist/spy (and particular friend) Doctor Stephen Maturin.  At one chapter a week, this community should be around for awhile.  ;-)

Quick!  Run to your library and check out "Master and Commander".  You'll figure out soon enough if you want to invest in your own copy.  Discussion of Chapter One will commence this weekend.


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