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So, last weekend, one year ago, I popped up to Calgary for a sandwich. Scroll down!

♥ ♥ ♥

I hope that everyone attending FedCon this year will have a wonderful Rick/Michael experience, with bonus "A-Tapps"! :-D
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So, where did we leave off in Part One? I've gotten autographs from Nathan Fillion and RDA, and had my 1:30 photo op with RDA and MS.

Here's the site map again, for reference. The photo op was in the Big Four building (bottom right). I need to trek over to Buildings D&E (upper left) next to get Michael's autograph added onto a picture of Daniel and Jack. And here's where I make my first real miscalculation: I act like I have all the time in the world. I sit down on a bench and soak up some sunshine while chatting with another Expo-goer. Michael is scheduled to begin signing autographs at 2:30; when I left him he was still doing photo ops, and of course he has to make the journey back to D&E, too.

I failed to consider that there might not have been all that many people in the photo op line behind me, and that he was going to be transported by cart instead of having to trek by foot, and that there were going to be a lot of people lining up for him whether he'd arrived yet or not, since because of his flight delay, this is the very first time he's signing (as opposed to the original 10 am schedule.) And I just plain lost track of the time, too. I think it was 2:45 and I was still sitting on that bench! So I hot-footed it over to Hall D only to find myself in the second overflow line for his autograph. Arghh!

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[personal profile] brootang found this one, which is more complete and better visual quality than the other YouTube link I shared a while back.
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The official home of the Calgary Expo on Instagram. In other words, nothing to do with me!

The pictures will give you a nice flavor of the Expo.
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There's really no way not to make this long and drawn out, but I'll try not to meander too much. :-)

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A poor quality, missing the last ten minutes, YouTube video of Rick and Michael's panel is currently available:

And here's [ profile] eilidh17's transcript to go along!
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*flails* I've been up for nine hours, and I'm still so far behind on everything. Stuff to watch on DVR, LJ/DW to pick through, comments to reply to...well, I might actually end up skipping that, so here's a blanket Thank You for all the good wishes. Every single one put a smile on my face. :-)

I'm in a daze since I got home last night. I came in the back door and never even left the kitchen for 2 1/2 hours. I cooked pasta and meat sauce, drank Cosmos, ate, and half-watched Iron Man off the DVR, before going into the office for a quick "I'm home" post.

Then I slept for like ten hours. And woke up relieved that I didn't have any schedule to follow today. Yesterday it was: the shuttle to the airport is picking me up at 9:37 am! Oh, wow, I used my cell alarm to wake me up, and the clock is still on CDT, so I woke up an hour earlier than I needed to! I guess I'll sleep tomorrow! O_O

I've watched Rick and Michael's panel on FlipTV, and laughed just as hard the second time around. ♥ Then I watched the MacGyver and Nathan Fillion panels. That accounts for 2 hours and 15 minutes of my day so far. I spent quite a while of time this morning involved in unpacking and trying to restore order. I ate once, and watched some more of Iron Man. I googled 'Calgary Expo' and read some articles and looked at a lot of pictures, mostly from the Friday cosplay parade that happened before I arrived in town.

Really, where has the rest of the (short) day gone? I haven't even looked at LJ and DW yet!
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I kept smiling at random moments during the day, remembering yesterday. *happy sigh*

More to follow...
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I'm way too tired to squee adequately, or to try to give a full picture of my day.

Nathan Fillion flirted with me. I saw Ianto signing autographs. He's not dead at all!

Richard Dean Anderson grabbed my arm and told me I was "the best."

Michael Shanks had a flight delay that ultimately worked out for me, because it meant I could have him and Rick sign the same photo.

And if you saw the stream of their panel, you know that they kicked things off by admitting that Jack and Daniel were pretty damn gay!

In conclusion (for the moment): the boys give good 'sandwich.' :-D
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Doors open in a hour and a half (10 am MDT). Autographs are first up on my list. Photo op is at 1:30 and the panel is at 4:00.

I am going to be so worn out. Me and 65,000 other geeks and nerds.

See you on the flipside!

Made it!

Apr. 26th, 2013 04:10 pm
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Arrived safely, have lovely hotel room. I'm just going to finish my unpacking and then head to the Liquid Lounge for something thirst-quenching. I've earned it!

There should be wifi access there, so I'll be able to do some catching up. *yawns* Until my restless night and very early morning catch up to me, that is! :-D


Apr. 26th, 2013 05:11 am
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I leave for the airport in 30 minutes. I should have wifi at my hotel, so I will try to keep you updated!

Meanwhile, don't forget about the livestream of Saturday's RDA/MS panel. :-)
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You don't have to depend on me to be a reporter, if you have $14.95 in your pocket and 45 minutes of free time on April 27th at 4 pm Mountain Standard Time! That will buy you an Event Pass to watch any Calgary Expo panel that you want (Torchwood, Star Wars, Supernatural) over the three days of the event.

UPDATE: all streams will be archived, so you can watch them later!!!!!!!!!!

The schedule is here. All times are MST. Rick and Michael are in the Corral, Saturday, 4 pm MST. Ooh, there's a MacGyver panel Sunday, same time and place! And Nathan Fillion two hours before that...
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Passport application filed today, extra fees paid to expedite and overnight

Hotel booked

Flights booked

Calgary Expo Saturday pass purchased and printed out

Photo Op ticket purchased and printed out

O. M. G!

I am one happy, overwhelmed slasher fangirl. *collapses*
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So, if you haven't heard, Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks are both appearing at next month's Calgary Expo, April 26-28. RDA was just announced Thursday.

There's a photo op with the two of them on Saturday the 27th.

And now this has been announced, for later that day:

Stargate with Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks

Room: Corral - Main Events Room
Start: 4:00PM
End: 4:45PM

For ten years they took us to distant worlds and also fought aliens on the home front as Colonel Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson. Now, the stars of Stargate SG-1 are here to speak of their time on the fan favorite sci-fi series!



Why don't I have a passport? It's only a 24-hour drive away!


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