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I committed Cam/Daniel over at [personal profile] holdouttrout 's SG-1 Holiday Party:

Sorry OTPers *ducks* 

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Okay, this is not what I needed to be doing this afternoon.  But I couldn't help myself.  *g*

~660 words, PG, Jack and Daniel from an new recruit's POV.

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Written for [profile] schmoop_age, with the prompt "Making out in a car and feeling like kids again".

840 words, barely NC-17, established relationship.  My lovely betas were [personal profile] tejasand [personal profile] ivorygates, bless their hearts.  Thanks, ladies!

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This is for [profile] read_300300, who requested February 13th, ten years after How It All Began.

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For [profile] juliabk and [personal profile] green_grrl , who requested fifteen years after/Jack's retirement after Someday (rated R, contains a non-graphic rape).

And ladies, you get 340 words!  :-)

read 'Future Perfect' )
Daniel sighed and put down his tray. “It’s going to look a lot worse tomorrow. That’s just the nature of the beast.”
Jack smiled. “Yeah, the mess doesn’t look so bad in the afterglow of a successful party, does it?” He moved towards Daniel, limping a little from having spent more time on his feet than usual.
Daniel turned shining eyes to him. “Everybody came. Did you realize that? Everybody we invited came!”
Jack’s lips quirked. “They weren’t all thrilled to be here.”
“No, but they came. And they behaved themselves. They really tried.”
“Senator Bennett must have been cringing inside the whole time,” Jack laughed.
“No! You’re wrong about that. I talked to him for nearly fifteen minutes. He turns out to be an Egyptology buff!”
Jack placed his hands on Daniel’s hips and pulled him closer. “Okay, so there were fifteen minutes that he wasn’t cringing.”
“This country has really changed,” Daniel said, stroking the lapel of Jack’s suit.
Jack captured his hand and gave it a squeeze. “You’ve changed more than one mind in D.C., Dr. Jackson. You’ve been working this town like an old pro ever since you came here three years ago.”
Daniel looked doubtful. “I think it was finding out about the Ori and the Goa’uld and the Replicators that changed minds. Changed priorities.”
Jack planted a kiss on the corner of Daniel’s mouth. “Changed laws.”
“We didn’t have to wait for you to retire after all,” Daniel said, sliding one hand through Jack’s silver hair.
“And that’s a good thing,” Jack murmured, nuzzling Daniel’s neck. “Because I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to throw my retirement party but my husband.”
“If you’d care to come upstairs with your husband, I have it on good authority that he’s been wanting to ravish you all evening.”
Jack raised his head. His eyes gleamed. “Race ya.”
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This is an episode tag for The Sentinel episode "Night Shift".

Background: Blair is writing his dissertation about Jim's enhanced senses, aka Sentinel abilities. Jim sneaks a peek at the introductory chapter and freaks out. By the end of the episode, they seem to have worked things out, partly due to a bizarre conversation Jim had with a strange man called Gabe, who may or may not have been *ahem* an angel. My story starts after they get home in the morning. 

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I watched 3 episodes of The Sentinel back-to-back last night, and this is the result.

Brief synopsis of the show:  Jim is a detective with enhanced senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.  Blair is the graduate student in anthropology who is helping him explore and learn to control his abilities.

The slashiness abounds.  Blair's place gets blown up and he moves into Jim's loft for a week.  Three years later he's still there.  They work together, live together, cook for each other, touch each other constantly, hate each other's girlfriends...okay, yes, some of them are psychopathic criminals, but you get the point.

And for the Jack/Daniel lovers: Jim is older, and ex-military while Blair is a long-haired scientist.  We know that combination works, right?

This is about 400 words, First Time, rated PG-13.



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