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For anyone who finds that they have switched/been switched to the new LJ format, and wants to change back, [ profile] fengi has a post showing how to make the switch:


I have a pretty good imagination, but I cannot imagine Dreamwidth ever instituting such a major change without any word of warning beforehand or any explanation afterwards.
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This current mess is not LiveJournal's fault, but it's annoying and stressful for us all. If any of you would like to set up a free Dreamwidth account in order to get your journaling fix if LJ continues to suffer from these attacks, feel free to take one of the codes listed below. Just comment and say which one you took so that other people can see what's left.

You'll have the ability to import a copy of your LJ into your new DW account, and having a back-up seems like a prudent idea. However, Dreamwidth's owner/founder [staff profile] denise is advising everyone to wait awhile before trying to import in order to not add to the stress LJ's servers are under these days.







I'm [personal profile] sid over there, and you can always check out my profile page to see the communities, feeds and people I'm subscribed to that you might want to check out.
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For the week of February 21 - February 28, creating an account on Dreamwidth will not require an invite code. You'll be able to register an account without needing a code -- just by visiting the account creation page.

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Dreamwidth picked up 9,350 new users yesterday. Wonder what caused that? *muses*

Oh, and I've turned off commenting on all my crossposts to LJ.

Wonder if there's any connection.


I have seven invitation codes if anyone would like to set themselves up with a free DW account. You can comment anonymously or with OpenID on DW, or PM me on LJ if you are interested!

Not leaving LJ, still going to be crossposting 99.9% of the time. Hopefully this will not need to be changed, but I am wary, people.
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If you love them, too, it may interest you to hear that Dreamwidth has just upped userpic limits: free users get 15, paid users 100, premium paid 250.

And, yep, I do have invite codes for creating free accounts (and that means ad-free, too). Let me know in comments if you're interested, or go here if you're interested in purchasing an account.

ETA a reminder that they're still in open beta over there, but if you haven't visited in a while you'll find that a good deal of the sawdust has settled and there are many more styles to choose from and active communities to join, etc.
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At some point soon, when my paid account on LJ expires, I will more than likely be disabling comments here on LJ and directing replies over to Dreamwidth.  Why?  Icons, baby!  *g*

Also it will be nice to have all my comments in one place, and nice for all of you to be able to follow all of the conversations (if that kind of thing turns you on.)

So I'm testing here.  If I've done this right, comments are disabled on this LJ post and there's a link to the DW entry.

I would like you to come over and comment: use your OpenID account, your Dreamwidth account, or comment anonymously (and include your lj username).  I want to find out if you will have any problems when I make the switch, and if I can help you with them (for example with an invite code to create a free account, or advice on setting up your OpenID over there.)

I'm (at least preliminarily) screening the comments over there, so that you can come over and speak your mind or ask silly questions without having everybody else in on our conversation.

I'll always still be reading and commenting on LJ.  Too much good stuff and too many good people here.  :-)
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Six Four Three opportunities to set up a free account on Dreamwidth.  :-)

Apply within.
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I've already done a little de-friending on LJ in order to stop reading the same posts twice.  De-friending is the simplest way for me to handle it since there aren't any historic and valuable f-locked posts on my LJ to which I'd be blocking access.

But instead of doing it piecemeal I figured it was time for me to get the skinny from the people in the know: YOU.

If you're crossposting from DW to LJ on a consistent basis, lemme know in comments and I'll defriend you over on LJ.  You don't have to be directing comments to DW - if I want to find your LJ post to check the comments over there I can do that easily enough.

I'm personally pretty inconsistent at this point!  I'll find a rhythm eventually. *g*  But, for example, I see no need to crosspost this entry. *shrugs*

How's life?  How's DW working out for you?  :-)


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And to avoid confusion, if you want to purchase a paid account, you do not need an invite code. Things changed as of yesterday when Dreamwidth moved from Closed Beta to Open Beta.

Here's the information about the different account types to help you decide what you want.

Here's where you can purchase an account.

And just let me know if you're interested in an invitation and I'll see what I can do for you!

ETA: three two one left All gone for now!  How appropriate that the last one went to the very first person who ever sent me feedback on my very first fic.  :-)

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I think I know the answer, but I want to make sure before I post about invite codes on LJ again.

These codes, (NOW, as opposed to two days ago) should only be given to people who want to set up FREE accounts.

ANYONE can purchase a paid account - no code needed.

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Yes, I have FOUR invitation codes to hand out, and I'm going to make two of them available right now. 

This code will allow you to set up a free Dreamwidth account.

If you don't get your hands on an invitation, you'll still be able to set up a one-month paid account for $US 3.00 and then let it lapse down to a basic account if you choose, so don't panic!

And of course anyone can purchase and maintain a paid account if you've got the money to burn.  :-)

Reply with your email address to make it simple for me!  Or reply and then PM me your addy if you prefer.

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Turns out I hadn't turned on all the light switches at my new Dreamwidth account, and OpenID users weren't able to comment on my initial post over there.

Have another shot at it! Comment right here if it doesn't work, and if you comment here, obviously it does work!  :-D

Anonymous comments will be screened, but they should be enabled now, too.
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I got myself an invite and I've set up an account on Dreamwidth. My username there is Sid. That should be easy to remember, right? *g*

Here's my first journal entry: Getting comfy

No, I'm not disappearing. :-) Jack and Daniel and all their friends will continue to appear right here.

They're gradually bumping up the number of people who are participating in closed beta to see how the servers handle it. I might be receiving some invitations to hand out at some point. And when they go public on April 30th, if you don't have a foot in the door yet and are interested but unable/unwilling to invest, just $3 US will buy you one month of paid journal time, and then you can let your account lapse down to a basic account if you prefer.

I hope they're a smashing success!

(if you have questions I'll try to answer them! And if you'd like to set up an OpenID account over there, go here)


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