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Passport application filed today, extra fees paid to expedite and overnight

Hotel booked

Flights booked

Calgary Expo Saturday pass purchased and printed out

Photo Op ticket purchased and printed out

O. M. G!

I am one happy, overwhelmed slasher fangirl. *collapses*
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So, if you haven't heard, Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks are both appearing at next month's Calgary Expo, April 26-28. RDA was just announced Thursday.

There's a photo op with the two of them on Saturday the 27th.

And now this has been announced, for later that day:

Stargate with Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks

Room: Corral - Main Events Room
Start: 4:00PM
End: 4:45PM

For ten years they took us to distant worlds and also fought aliens on the home front as Colonel Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson. Now, the stars of Stargate SG-1 are here to speak of their time on the fan favorite sci-fi series!



Why don't I have a passport? It's only a 24-hour drive away!
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Yes, I am going to try to finish this up! Here's part the first, which covers Friday and Saturday.

I'll try to figure out how to link to my autograph and photo op pictures (ETA: successfully linked, I hope, at the bottom of this report), but first I'll dash off what little I can remember from AUGUST.

Sunday, 9 a.m. )
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To be honest, I doubt I'm going to remember very much at this point! But I wouldn't have remembered all that much if I'd done it sooner, anyway. I did take notes during some sessions, but I ran out of energy for doing that, plus sometimes the lights were turned down too low. Anywho...

prepare for multiple jumps in tense )
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Sorry there hasn't been any kind of a con report from me, but I've been so far behind on Life In General. First I had company during the Olympics, then I was sick (and there was still the Olympics), then I was getting ready for the con - at the con - recovering from the con...and getting ready to go out of town again this weekend!

But I will definitely eke out a report of whatever my brain has retained when I get the chance. Meanwhile, if any of you have links to reports by other people, those will help jog my mind!
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Actually, it's Sat morning now. Anyway, today we saw Chuck Campbell, Dan Payne together with Alex Zahara, and Robert Picardo. Tonight was the Cabaret, with Chuck, Bob and Tony Amendola.

Next came karaoke, and I had to leave when a guy I was chatting to earlier got up to sing his second song. He's BAD. I met him because I was assigned to his seat, which he's had for six months. He won, so I'm in the row behind him now. *g*

So I'm just sitting in the business center catching up with the world. Tomorrow morning I need to go to the vendor room and get my hands on some stuff for autographs. Then we have Tony together with Cliff Simon, followed by Kate Hewlett, Steve Bacic, an auction, and Jewel Staite. Finally Torri Higginson at 5 pm and then autograph sessions at 7. Nothing for me after that, so maybe it'll be hot tub night? :-)

I'm here!

Aug. 17th, 2012 02:56 pm
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Found the hotel, bought my tickets, managed to sign on to the free lobby wifi access. I purchased an autograph ticket for Michael. I get Joe and Jewel and a couple of others included in my con ticket. I'd better make a note of who! *checks* Cliff, Paul and Tony Amendola. Nice. Okay, gotta go find some trouble to get into!


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