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[personal profile] synecdochic asked for porn, so I've attempted to remix her own glorious porn.

So this is a remix of an AU of an AU of an AU of an AU. *squints* The original AU being in the SG-1 episode 'The Road Not Taken', which gives us a Cameron Mitchell who is confined to a wheelchair, never having fully recovered after crashing his F-302 in Antarctica. The Broken Wings 'verse gives us a Cam who is part-way between that Cam and canon Cam and who's involved with Jack O'Neill's clone, JD Nielson. The Mezzanine 'verse gives us his female counterpart, Cammie Mitchell, who is partnered with JD, plus (eventually) Daniel Jackson. And then there's this new AU of Mezzanine (Gedulah), which is still being constructed by [personal profile] synecdochic and [personal profile] ivorygates, and we don't know a hell of a lot about it yet, but [personal profile] synecdochic posted an outtake, which was the breathtaking 'Be Like Water', linked above, which gives us Daniel Jackson in the role of voyeur.

And I did a bit of a remix, which can be found behind the cut. ~575 words, NC-17.

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[personal profile] synecdochic posted a story in her Mezzanine universe this morning in honor of [personal profile] ivorygates's birthday: Afterglow 

This is a remix of the ending from Cammie's POV.

It's also in honor of [personal profile] ivorygates's birthday, naturally.  :-)

'Undertow' )
Meds. She doesn’t want to move. But Nielson ain’t gonna go away and leave her alone, boy never does. She makes one more protest from habit and rolls over, eyes shut, body slumberous and sated, holding out her hand.
Pills swallowed, she sinks back onto the bed, already feeling the undertow as sleep pulls at her, reclaiming her. The bed rocks behind her and she knows Daniel is there. She murmurs with pleasure and rolls onto her stomach, feeling the dampness between her legs as she moves. There is a confused moment of memory masquerading as dream and it’s Daniel between her legs, and she reaches out for him.
Her arm drapes over him and his skin slides under her fingers and she is deeply content.
JD speaks and her eyes shift under their lids. A hand comes to rest on her back; it’s warm but not warm enough to be JD’s.
And JD initiates Daniel into the mysteries of her body and Cammie moves beyond contentment to sleepy ecstasy.
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Another entry in the Mezzanine universe created by [personal profile] synecdochicand [personal profile] ivorygates.

Daniel and clone!Jack, ~1000 words, rated R. 

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(see previous entry for more details)

This falls between "Dream States" and "Behind the Green Door" in the Mezzanine 'verse.  Daniel Jackson has just moved in with JD Nielson and Cammie Mitchell.

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Have you met the Mezzanine Universe yet?  

[personal profile] ivorygatesand [personal profile] synecdochicinvented it recently.  It's an AU of [personal profile] synecdochic's Broken Wings AU.  Broken Wings is the story of Cameron Mitchell, disabled and out of the Air Force after the battle in Antarctica, and JD Nielson, Jack's clone.

The Mezzanine 'verse throws in the twist of Cameron being a female, and brings Daniel Jackson into the picture.

Anywho (and you could immerse yourself for days in all the wonderful stories she's/they've written), after reading 96 thousand words of Cammie/JD/Daniel - I wrote a DRABBLE!  Because I'm warped that way.


Het threesome (shocking, I know!)


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