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A prompt of mine was used for the current Set 152 at [ profile] sg1_five_things: Five emails Paul Davis never sent.

There is a response. Go. Read. Splorfle.
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I wrote to a couple of old unanswered prompts as part of our Set 150 celebration:

Five times Sam & Jack (fill in the blank). I went with 'gave in to their desires.' *eg*

Five times Daniel was stuck overnight in the infirmary when he wasn't sick or injured
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It's Set 150 at [ profile] sg1_five_things! So we're getting all retrospective and inviting everyone to revisit prompts of yore. We've picked 15 hitherto unanswered prompts to get things rolling, but any past prompt (as per usual) is fair game. If you answer any prompts other than those 15, do be sure to leave us a link to your response at the above entry so we can add it to the master round-up. Also, if you want to pimp us out, that would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to use the code provided at the above entry. :-)

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Two things

Apr. 26th, 2012 11:46 am
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Or six, or seven, depending on how you want to count them. A double drabble plus a Five Things! :-)

At [community profile] phoenix_gate, 2001 And Counting. 200 words, rated G, prompt = Joe Faxon: life with the Aschen.

At [ profile] sg1_five_things, Five things John never forgave himself for
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I wrote a Five Things: Five things Daniel did while separated from his teammates in Continuum.

Over at [community profile] arboreal_gate the NC-17 Jack/Daniel cliffhanger fic starter I posted has sparked ideas, OMGYAY! [personal profile] princessofgeeks has taken the ball and run with it, with able assists from sid_fan and [personal profile] elaiel. The link should take you to a Top Level Comments only view so you can read what's been written without interruptions for feedback and chitchat. But you will need to scroll up to read the initial post first. And when you get to the bottom of the page, if you want to go back and view the chitchat or leave fb, just click on 'Threaded'.

There's also some additional Fluffy Branch #2 goodies contributed by [personal profile] elaiel and [personal profile] paian. :-D
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Five lies Sha're told

Five things Carmen would have done growing up on Destiny

And now back to Kink Bingo! Three down, two to go. *channels Absolute Power!Daniel*
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Five ghosts that haunt Atlantis

*cues spooky howling and ominous organ music and crashing thunder*

Okay, no, these all take place under perfectly abnormal circumstances.

Which is much, much worse.
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Plugging: [personal profile] princessofgeeks wrote a perfect response to my Jack O'Neill email (or Daniel wrote a response to Jack's email, if you prefer to look at it that way!): here.

Prompting: I left a prompt at [personal profile] thatyourefuse's End of the World Commentficathon: Season 9-10 Team + Jack = Double Apocalypse: The Ori and the Ancients have destroyed each other, and from the ashes rises Anubis, freed from his battle with Oma. He's coming for Earth and he's taking no prisoners.
If anyone is inspired that would be So Cool! :-)

Five Things: I wrote all five of the Help Japan Charity Set prompts, like a good mod should (and I'll be making a donation to Doctors Without Borders):

Five times Vala was whinier than usual, but Sam kissed her anyway

Five times someone figured out that Sam and Vala were a couple

Five things that didn't happen aboard the Odyssey in Unending (but Teal'c told someone they did)

Five planets that offended Sam

Five principles Vala follows (or thinks she does)

Thanks to all who contributed responses to this set! I'm happy that you cost me money, and I'm sure our winner is thrilled. ♥
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I meant to plug this long ago, but it's been a bad week.

It's totally not too late, though! The mods are pledging $2.00 to Doctors Without Borders for every non-mod response that gets posted. We want a good turnout for our winning [ profile] help_japan bidder's prompts!

Please participate if you can! Here are the prompts:

Five times Vala was whinier than usual, but Sam kissed her anyway

Five times someone figured out that Sam and Vala were a couple

Five things that didn't happen aboard the Odyssey in Unending (but Teal'c told someone they did)

Five planets that offended Sam

Five principles Vala follows (or thinks she does)

Thank you! :-)
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The mods of [ profile] sg1_five_things (myself, [ profile] lilyleia78, [ profile] skieswideopen and [ profile] a_blackpanther) are offering something a little different for [ profile] help_japan.

The winning bidder can create or pick 5 five things prompts to be used as a prompt set. The set will be open to the comm for responses like any other set, and we guarantee at least three responses to each prompt from the mods. SG-1 and SGA prompts only please - we don't know SGU well enough to promise mod responses.

You can bid here!
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1. The Onion feed just reposted this gem from back in July, about the debate over repealing DADT: Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Paves Way For Gay Sex Right On Battlefield, Opponents Fantasize

2. I wrote 3 out of 5 Thingses!

Five things Sam found in Elizabeth's desk and what she did with them.
Four things Hammond did for Christmas and one he didn't.
Five ways Jack kept his promise to show Teal'c his world.

3. A reminder that my new account [personal profile] alsosid is up and... limping. Only one post so far, but I took pics of the house and yard today and just need to get them uploaded to Photobucket before post #2 can spring into existence.

For my LJ flist-ers:

4. I have 3 Dreamwidth invitation codes for setting up free accounts. You know, like if you wanted an account so that you could follow [personal profile] alsosid, or anything like that. *coughs*

5. And I neglected to thank the two nice anonymouses who v-gifted me with cookies! They were sweet, and so are you. :-)
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Over at [ profile] sg1_five_things:

Five things Teyla hopes for Torren

Five Personal Items taken to Atlantis in the First Year, and who took them

And for [ profile] perfect_duet's Advent Calendar, Day 11:

Sophie's Secret Obsession. Which it is a sequel to "Sophie's Secret" from last year, which is included in the post. ETA: [ profile] alltoseek has done fanart for this! Here!
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I nearly forgot to post this! It's so short, it's barely worth it. :-)

Five lives Vala made for herself


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