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First, go and read Beautiful Certainty, which [personal profile] jdjunkie wrote for me using the prompt: Jack/Daniel/Sara, water under the bridge. No, it isn't a three-way! It's a quiet gem that made me all misty, like.

Second, a ficlet I wrote for [personal profile] jdjunkie's recent (okay, a month ago) Four Seasons in One 'Thon. The season is Winter. ~740 words, rated PG

It was a dark and stormy night )
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Dates: April 24-27
Place: [personal profile] jdjunkie's DW
Optional theme: the four seasons. Thursday = spring, Friday = summer, Saturday = fall/autumn, Sunday = winter.
What you need to do: show up and have fun with the boys! Write something, make art or icons or a fanmix or vid, excerpt/link to favorite stories/art/vids, or just squee over whatever goodies turn up!

Friendship is as welcome as slash. Everything's no-pressure, low-key.

Here's an additional request from [personal profile] jdjunkie: I would love if everyone (writers or non-writers) could pen a few words on what you love about Jack/Daniel (or Jack and Daniel!) and what drew you to them, kept you there etc. It doesn't have to be a thesis, although, yes, I'd LOVE THAT!! And no-one will be marking your essay or taking apart your thoughts. Just ... jump in and let us all know. We take it for granted that we love them, but we rarely talk about why. And you all know I'm a nosy junkie. ;-) It would make me very happy if folk had a go. :-)
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Fast forwarding through the commercials on my DVR Olympics recordings, I kept getting a brief glimpse of James Spader's face. I finally got curious and checked it out.


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the Ides of Porn

Prompting has begun! You can submit your prompts up until 14:00 GMT Sunday 26 January 2014, here on LJ or here on DW. All the instructions are available at those links.

My prompts are here!
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(Yes, I skipped a bunch of days; I plan to go back and do at least some of them.)

In your own space, talk about setting yourself a fannish goal. Big or small, it doesn't matter. Some great examples include: complete a bingo, sign-up for a Big Bang, write that fic you've been thinking about for years, podfic that story that you love, make a fanmix for your fandom, post that bit of meta or reclist you keep postponing. Maybe resolve to be better at leaving feedback, or answering comments.

I think my main goal should be to finally finish the kinky D/j story I started writing in 2008! Yeesh!

Other goals would include uploading more stories to AO3, doing some kind of fic master list, and improving my tagging.

My immediate goal is to write a gen fic for the upcoming Alphabet Soup. There are still ten letters available at the time of this post, so go sign up if you think you could write 100 words or more of gen fic by February 10th. Signups are on LJ, but your stories can be posted to DW, AO3, or wherever. :-)
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[profile] kabarett is hosting this week's Monday Pride.

Nope, it's in the usual place:

In other news, it's 61 degrees inside my house. *pulls hat down over ears*
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[ profile] fic_rush is having a special 24 hour rush starting at 1200 GMT tonight. That's 7 pm EST and 4 PST in the U.S.

I'll be working on prompts with the aid of some bubbly. :-)

More details here about [ profile] fic_rush and [ profile] fic_rush_48

Everyone is welcome! Do some writing to start the New Year right! Cheers!
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(Sorry I haven't had a chance to mention this before! Sign-ups end Friday the 6th, so you'll have to hurry to sign up!)

Spook Me 2013 tarot card banner

This is the lowest pressure ficathon in the world. There's no minimum word count, you can switch to a different fandom if the one you signed up for doesn't work out for you, and if you're not having fun, you just stop writing, no harm done. Slash, het, gen. Spooky, ghoulish, choose.

You choose a monster from the list of prompts (or ask the mod to select one for you), and you'll receive two secret prompts, which this year are based on tarot card art. Then you just need to use one of those three prompts in your story. Stories will be due Oct. 26th, but it's fine if you're a bit late...everything goes on the Master List eventually.

Sign up here!
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So close. I've got the form all filled out. Except for my Two Requirements for the story I'll receive. *head/desk* And Optional Request, but that's...optional. *g*

How about the rest of you? Signups are on either DW or LJ, until September 2nd. You'll receive your assignment September 4th, and your 1,000 word minimum stories will be due on October 14th.

The more the merrier, and the more Jack/Daniel for us all to read!!!
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[ profile] vintage_ads has been holding a "Regrettable foods (no Jello)" contest this weekend. Follow this tag to see some of the atrocities! And some of the stuff you would chow down on in a heartbeat...
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Ten unconnected drabbles written for the [community profile] jd_ficathon Prompt-a-Thon, which is running through the end of the month. The list of prompts is here. There's still time to pick a prompt or two!

A big thank you to Beth ([personal profile] lolmac) for the title suggestions! I grabbed a bunch of them, and was inspired by others. *smooches*

click to read )
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After reading this [community profile] month_of_meta contribution from [personal profile] tree, I've decided to stop using the word "pimping". I've changed my tag to "plugging", and future posts may Announce, Plug, Point To, Tout, or Boost whatever squeeful fandom happening is happening.

Personally, although I'm well aware of the origins of the word, to me, as used by fandom, it's so entirely filled with joyous connotations that it has never bothered me. And it won't bother me in the future when it appears on my reading page.

I'm just inviting you to read the meta and the comments, and decide for yourselves. :-)
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Nearest to my heart, [community profile] jd_ficathon is accepting prompts until April 29th. The suggested theme is Spring, but all prompts are welcome.

leave prompts on LJ
leave prompts on DW

Also, for all three Stargate shows, [personal profile] lunabee34 is holding an All Fanwork Gateverse Extravaganza! Fic, gifs, recs, meta, icons, etc. Ongoing until the end of May.

leave prompts on LJ
leave prompts on DW

Anyone can prompt! You don't have to be a writer, or a writer who plans to participate. Go! Inspire!

And if you do want to write, [personal profile] lunabee34's Extravaganza is live, and for the J/D prompt-a-thon you can begin writing any prompt that speaks to you, since there is no claiming, and multiple responses are welcomed. :-)
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io9's March TV Madness tournament is into the Sweet Sixteen!

SG-1 is losing to the Battlestar reboot!

Get in there and vote, between now and midnight PDT/3 am EDT/7 am GMT (I think?)
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[ profile] danielpix is taking votes to select the comm's default pic for the next year. If you'd like to look at pretty icons of Daniel and pick up to ten of your favorites from the bunch, go here to vote.

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[personal profile] staranise has a love meme going, with a twist: Once someone has a comment thread about them, leave a comment and tell them about something they've done or made that you liked. A kind word, a signalboost, a drawing, a story. This can be short or long. You can just name or link to something, or go into more detail. You'll find instructions here on how to nominate yourself or someone else, anonymously or otherwise.

[personal profile] lizcommotion has started a thread for me! *smooches her*

Anonymous comments will be screened, but they're just fine. [profile] jjhunger has an index going, so you can search for your friends (or yourself!)
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[personal profile] fignewton/[ profile] sg_fignewton still has some letters of the alphabet that need to be claimed for the Gen Fic Day soup pot!

For this fifteenth Soup, we will again have an ensemble cast: any character who is an ally of the SGC, whether onworld or offworld, and is not the subject of a previous Alphabet Soup. That means you can write about the Tok'ra or the Jaffa, but don't focus on Jacob or Bra'tac; similarly, you can write about Kelowna/Langara, but don't feature Jonas Quinn. It does mean you can write about any canon ally, from the people at the Land of Light to the Ancients, who have helped the SGC in any way. You may also use original characters within the context of canon - for example, using the POV of the dialogue-less black woman among the Tollan in Enigma, or creating an ADC for Chekov.

By making a claim, you are committing yourself to writing at least 100 words of gen fic by February 18th.

Fic can be posted to LJ or DW, but the sign-up sheet is on LJ.


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