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Poll #14018 sg1friendathon
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If I were to claim a prompt for the sg1friendathon, which one would you like to see 1000 words of?

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2. Cam and Daniel. Episode tag to Prototype, on the shooting range.
8 (53.3%)

47. Sam and Teal'c. Warrior.
5 (33.3%)

110. Vala and John Sheppard. Intergalactic penpals.
2 (13.3%)

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LJ users: I don't really know who can vote in these things - I consider myself extremely lucky I managed to post a poll in the first place! Feel free to voice an opinion in the comments; anonymous and OpenID commenting are always turned on chez Sid.

Everyone: go here on Dreamwidth to make your voice heard in the great Kink Bingo poll! :-)


In other news, I changed my layouts on both journals today, and mood icons, too. And I'm trying to release my death grip on some old icons in order to upload shiny new ones - - this is hard. *whines*

If I'm embracing change, then getting back to moar writing would be an excellent place to start. Y/N?

*hugs you all tightly*


In other, other news, supper is chillin' in the fridge: chicken, grapes, almonds, chives, garlic, mayo, dijon. Shout if you'd like the recipe! (Or yesterday's recipe, or tomorrow's. *g*)


In lastly news, I've been alarmingly quiet lately, but I am keeping up on posts regularly (or eventually!) Apologies for frequent lack of commenting - my moods are variable. So are my time constraints, which is sometimes a good thing (e.g. I'm having fun out of town or have company or am out carousing!)

Fic is harder to keep up with and I don't always comment there, either, I'm ashamed to say. But I bookmark everything, and as some of you have found, I may comment 3 months after the fic was posted! If you're dying for my sparkling feedback before that, PM me. I'll squeeze you in. :-D
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You can learn all about the various kinks here.

Poll #3813 Kink Bingo poll
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Which bingo would you most like to see?

penance/punishment; guns; mechanical/technological; authority figures; non-penetrating sex toys
3 (18.8%)

phone sex; guns; gags; obedience; leather/latex/rubber
9 (56.2%)

domestic/tradesman kink; mechanical/technological; free space; caning; locks/chains
4 (25.0%)

If you selected the 3rd option (or even if you didn't) what should I use for the free space?

7 (46.7%)

2 (13.3%)

mind control/amnesia
6 (40.0%)

other which I will explain in comments
0 (0.0%)

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Poll #1008 Peanut butter
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Do you make an 'S' when you open a new jar?

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I always make an 'S', I-I can't help myself.
1 (3.6%)

What on earth are you talking about?
23 (82.1%)

I'm allergic to peanut butter.
0 (0.0%)

Sorry, I'm strictly a Jif/Peter Pan/etc. type.
4 (14.3%)

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Five things Jack would do if elected president

Five things Vala has stolen on Earth

[personal profile] whisper99 started a couple of stories at [profile] sg1_fic_trees and I picked up where she left off. Come on over and add something if you like; even as little as a paragraph helps the tree grow.

Action/adventure, with Daniel separated from the rest of the team

This one's Season 9 or 10 and it's pure crack! 

Poll results:
Jelly beans and pizza with a glass of wine, anyone?
  Click on "view answers" to see who participated and how they voted.

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Got home last night - off to Dad's again Wednesday morning. On the off-chance that I get to write, edit and post a story, which story from my WIP/Story Ideas folder should it be?

[Poll #961983]


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