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I won a Blue Moon Award. \o/

Blue Moon Awards

I don't remember what other stories were in that category. I was surprised to find my story placed in "Other Slash", but when I compared it to the Jack/Daniel story nominees it definitely didn't resemble them, so I let it be.

(Also, I knew I had a better chance of winning if Dreamverse wasn't in competition with all the wonderful stories my friends wrote!)

Thank you to everyone who voted for Bjorn! *G*
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I didn't even realize I was nominated, so a belated thank you to whatever kind person nominated my Dreamverse series.

The Awards site is here, and my story can be found in tbe Other Slash category. The Preview Round is underway, with voting scheduled to begin March 20th.
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I haven't seen any announcements, but I happened to click on the site this morning and saw that they opened for voting today!

So go, read and vote, here, now through the 31st.

My one non-Jack/Daniel nom is under "Other", and all the rest are scattered throughout the J/D category - which is the only category under slash!
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(And also, voting is now open at the Blue Moon Awards! Vote here through April 15th.)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this stack of SFA noms! *mwah*  :-)  :-)  :-)

Jack/Daniel except where noted.

In the Fullness of Time

Commentfic O' Doom


Q & A

Matinee/Idyll (Cam/Daniel)

Parking, lots
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*looks guilty* So, as I work on placing my Stargate Fan Awards nominations (about which more later), I realize that I never posted about my Blue Moon noms. Let's see if I can fix that now!

Three J/D nominations! Thank you lovely people. :-)

Q & A

Love Train

Parking, lots

Go to The Blue Moon Awards to view all the nominees.  The Preview Round lasts until March 31st, and voting begins April 1st.

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link to the Awards

Titanium Whip Awards 2006
Titanium Whip Awards 2006

Discoveries and Experiments nommed for Best First Time and Best Spanking Scene

find the story here

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I think I finally have my nominations in order.  I got a late start since they have had a problem delivering mail to AOL/AIM mailboxes.  And then I had to cogitate, and plan...

Okay, I just didn't want to deal with it!  :-P


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