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Getting my feet wet in the Porn Battle, working my way up to some Jack/Daniel action!

Meanwhile, this Sentinel prompt gave me ideas, so I succumbed to the urgings of teh muse. :-)

555 words, NC-17, Jim/Blair

(I posted a link to [ profile] ts_news, but if anyone knows how to further boost the signal, please do either let me know or feel free to do it yourself!)
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A few little things written recently:

An SG-1/The Sentinel crossover for [personal profile] synecdochic's prompt "101 times JD Nielson (Jack O'Neill's teenage clone) hitched a ride"

For the Master and Commander community [ profile] perfect_duet Advent Calendar, Christmas afternoon chez Aubrey: En Famille

And two Atlantis responses at [ profile] sg1_five_things:

Five times John didn't see it coming

Five ways Lorne became the military commander of Atlantis
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This is a sequel to the earlier drabble 'Oh, Hell.

Written for the [ profile] sentinel_thurs challenge, "discipline". It's Jim/ Blair, 937 words, a hard R; spoilery warning is at the end of the story (for anyone who is reaching for their back-arrow button).

read 'Oh, Hell, Yes!'
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A drabble for the  [profile] sentinel_thurschallenge: Ice 

It had snowed on Saturday.  Sunday’s warmer weather turned everything to slush. Then temperatures plummeted again overnight, and on Monday morning there was a fresh dusting of white. Soft and fluffy and pristine and seemingly harmless, but concealing the treacherous patches of sheet ice underneath produced by the thawing and re-freezing of Saturday’s snow.
It was Jim who had the luck to slip. Lying on the ground, looking up at the gray sky, he saw a vision of an angel hovering over him. One with flyaway curls and concerned blue eyes.
Funny part was, he hadn’t even hit his head. 
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For the ER challenge at [profile] sentinel_thurs : ER (clever title, yes?) 

100 silly words.  Gen or Jim/other.  You decide.  ;-)
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Written for the [profile] sentinel_thurschallenge: Quiet Time 

Can be read as gen or *gasp* pre-slash.

Work done, feet up, game on, beer in hand, brain on pause. Jim loved his quiet time.
The toilet flushed, water ran, the bathroom door flew open. Sandburg scurried out in underwear and socks and dashed into his bedroom. Drawers creaked, shoes bounced across the floor, Sandburg muttered.
Jim sipped his beer and tried to focus on the game.
Sandburg appeared in shiny shirt and tight jeans. Crossed to the door, picked up his keys and grinned. “Don’t wait up for me.”
Jim saluted with his bottle as Sandburg disappeared out the door.
Jim used to love his quiet time.
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Ah!  Day Five.  I managed to do it.  :-)

Hot off the press:  Jim arrives home early from a trip and gets a surprise.  ~725 PG-13 rated words.  Un-beta'd, so please let me know if you spot anything that needs fixing.

(Excuse me while I laugh at the dog - I tell her to lie down and leave me alone for a minute and she lifts a paw to shake hands.  Hee!)

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The final ficlet from My Mongoose e-zine.  Let's see, this week we've covered hearing, taste, touch and now smell.  Tomorrow = sight.  Now all I have to do is write it.  *g*

Post-First Time afterglow, ~260 PG-13 rated words, with thanks again to [personal profile] janedavitt  for her beta-work and Peter for the artwork. 


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Another story that was published in My Mongoose e-zine.  Again the artwork is by Peter (and yes, she's great), and [personal profile] janedavittperformed beta duties (because she's great, too).  I'd say this is set very early in the series, not long after Blair moves into the loft.  ~380 G rated words.


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This story was published in the My Mongoose e-zine, which was one of the items put up for bidding at the Moonridge Auction (a charity that works with animals).  Artwork by Peter (the great).  ~ 300 PG words.  Beta-read by the lovely and talented [personal profile] janedavitt.

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This story was written on Saturday, and I have three more Sentinel stories that were published in an e-zine that are ready to post.  So I'm going with "Five Senses, Five Days" as a theme and a plan.  Now I just need something to post on Friday. *g*

Written for the OMC/OFC challenge over at [profile] sentinel_thurs, 1,580 PG rated words.
An old friend of Blair's turns up in the middle of an investigation, and Jim is not pleased.

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Written for the [profile] sentinel_thurschallenge, Hero:

“Do you think I don’t realize how much I owe you? There’s no telling how I would have ended up if you hadn’t come along. I was losing my mind – I didn’t know what was wrong – I couldn’t cope, or control anything.”
“No, I was losing it. I could have lost everything. My work, my life.”
“Instead, thanks to you, I’ve found out who I really am. What I can accomplish using my senses. I’ve got real purpose, now. I can help people. You couldn’t begin to understand what that means….”
“Jim. That’s what makes you a hero.”
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Well, apparently Jim and Blair are in the middle of a fight. Written for the [profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of distance. Gen or slash, as you prefer.

'Too Many Cooks'
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Written for the glorious Day of Schmoop over at [profile] schmoop_age.  The prompt was "kissing under the fireworks".

The Sentinel, Jim/Blair, PG, 840 words and only a little schmoop, honest.

If you're unfamiliar with The Sentinel, Jim has enhanced senses and sometimes he has trouble controlling them.  Blair is the geek anthropologist that helps him, and obviously that's easier to do if they're living together.  The slash writes itself.

Beta kisses to [personal profile] janedavitt.  Thank you!

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I watched the pilot episode of The Sentinel again today, and this popped into my head:

A Sentinel! A real, live, breathing Sentinel, and I met him!
Okay, that sounds totally “Dear Diary”. Yeah, I met a boy today. Except he’s a man, man. He’s...really something. Tall and strong. Stalwart, how’s that for a word you don’t get to use every day. Man.
I actually found a Sentinel! And I can help him; I know I can. I mean, I already have, and now I’m going to get to work with him! Be with him, fight crime together, make a real difference.
Man, this is exciting!
Note to self:
Sandburg obvious lunatic.
Proceed with caution.
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Jim/Blair, handcuffs, 850 words, NC-17.  Beta kisses and thanks to the lovely and talented [personal profile] janedavitt, who may have begun to think she dreamed the whole thing.  :-)

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This is an episode tag for The Sentinel episode "Night Shift".

Background: Blair is writing his dissertation about Jim's enhanced senses, aka Sentinel abilities. Jim sneaks a peek at the introductory chapter and freaks out. By the end of the episode, they seem to have worked things out, partly due to a bizarre conversation Jim had with a strange man called Gabe, who may or may not have been *ahem* an angel. My story starts after they get home in the morning. 


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