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YouTube vid that removes the MacGyver theme music and adds sounds effects instead. Some of which are highly amusing! :-D
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I saw other folks doing this and wanted to do a tally to find out just how bad it was. *g*

I wrote 15 things this year, all quite short, and many based on prompts or themes.

1 M&C fic
1 Sam/Janet of all things
5 Jack/Daniel
8 SG-1 gen

Yes, more than half of my output was GEN.

I BLAME [personal profile] fignewton!!!!!
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Linking to an SG-1 fic written in October for the Season Two Challenge at [community profile] event_horizons.

It's a gen missing scene from 1969, inspired by a real event in RDA's life. You can read it on DW or at AO3.
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Linking to my annual contribution to [community profile] perfect_duet's Advent Calendar, another chapter in the escapades of Sophie the Slasher!

'Sophie's Secret Intercourse' can be found on DW or at AO3
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And have a great day, to those of you who don't celebrate. :-)
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Santa discovers gender equality:

"Therefore, I declare this year the first #XXmas. The hashtag so we may unite; the X’s stand for female chromosomes, heavy drinking, and kisses. #XXmas celebrates Christ and Mary. “Little Drummer Boy” and “Wee Trumpeter Girl.” Finally including Three Wise Women in the manger, without whom frankincense and myrrh would have been, at best, socks and frozen steaks."
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Living once again in the house I grew up in, I occasionally get mail in Dad's name. He passed away in 2010. I've even gotten mail in Mom's name a few times, and she passed away in 1989! One day I think I got mail for both of them, lol. And my brother's name sneaks into the mix since we co-own the house, but he hasn't lived here since, um, 1971?

But today takes the cake. This piece of mail was trying to sell romantic jewelry.

(My Name and birthstone) + (Dad's Name and birthstone) = Together Forever


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All Spader All The Time!

I'd say "All the Spaders!" except there is sadly no Daniel Jackson!Spader.

The vid lasts about four minutes.

In other Spader news: During next week's episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will come the first peek at the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron!
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as some of you have heard, i've managed to mess up my shoulder. here's the story:

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I was watching an episode of The Donna Reed Show from 1960. I watched the end credits and saw that it had been written by a man named John Whedon!

And one of the characters was named Buffie.


Yes. But not entirely. He's Joss's grandfather. *G*
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First, go and read Beautiful Certainty, which [personal profile] jdjunkie wrote for me using the prompt: Jack/Daniel/Sara, water under the bridge. No, it isn't a three-way! It's a quiet gem that made me all misty, like.

Second, a ficlet I wrote for [personal profile] jdjunkie's recent (okay, a month ago) Four Seasons in One 'Thon. The season is Winter. ~740 words, rated PG

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Watch this video and pause it at 1:31, and you will see me!

I'm somewhere up above the U...

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Soooooooup! Episode Alphabet Soup!

Gen, 240 words, based on the episode 'Legacy', Janet POV.

Z is for Zebras

They drill it into you in medical school. The most likely explanation for whatever symptoms a patient presents with, is the most likely explanation. 'Think horses.' Daniel's diagnosis was clear-cut. Migraines, hallucinations, increased dopamine levels… Everything added together pointed in one direction. I called in Doctor MacKenzie. He agreed with my conclusions.


We put Daniel away. Committed him, medicated him, stopped listening to him. The only thing that saved Daniel in the end was Machello's device transferring itself into Teal'c.

Teal'c inadvertently saved Daniel's sanity and ended up nearly losing his own life. Daniel saved Teal'c by telling us what we should be looking for.

What I learned in medical school had been of no use to anyone up to that point. My sole worthwhile contribution in the entire process was ultimately the idea to use the centrifuge to make an injection of Sam's blood safe for the rest of us. Everything else I did or said was either useless or harmful.

'First do no harm' is the other thing they drill into you in med school.

I failed Daniel in every way.

I am the chief medical officer of a command that has the word 'Stargate' in its title. Why did I assume that the mundane answer would be the right one, when my patients travel for a living to other planets?

God help me, from now on, when I hear hoofbeats, I am going to think zebras.
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Well, one race. Heading south to Indiana for 500 weekend with friends and family. I'll have my netbook with me and will be able to be online occasionally, so I'll try to keep up with posts!

Smooth sailing to all who are traveling this weekend in the U.S. (and wherever you may be.)
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I've edited and uploaded several of my old Daniel/Jack D/s stories to AO3. Wow, 113k words? No wonder the editing drove me nuts! I certainly did know how to abuse a comma back in the day. *g*

D/s series on AO3

I'm back!

May. 17th, 2014 12:59 pm
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You didn't even know I was gone, did you? *g*

I drove down to Chicago yesterday afternoon to spend the evening with Beth (aka [ profile] lolmac) and her charming wife. We had a great time geeking out over Treks and Wars and Gates and the Marvel 'verse, talking about our fannish histories, Mary Sues, the fandoms we write in, Mr. Anderson, and whatever else popped up over a pitcher of margaritas. :-D

We breakfasted this morning, then I headed back home. Saturday traffic through Chicago is So Much Better than Friday traffic.

Now I need a nap. I have a birthday bash to go to in less than 5 hours!
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For the [community profile] jackdanielpromptfic May 2014 Episode of the Month prompt: Endgame.

Rated PG, ~430 words.

Jack had been feeling less and less of a man as time went on. He'd had no real concept before this promotion of how much of his identity (post-Charlie; post-husband and father) had been tied up in being the leader of SG-1. Now he sat on the sidelines, while paradoxically being more important than ever before. He watched as his team (all the teams; all his now, God help everyone) walked through the Stargate time after time after time, headed into danger and peril and the mysterious unknown.

Mostly they came back. Generals since the dawn of military history had known the pain of loss and the burden of command.

But they hadn't had the fate of the galaxy in their hands. Who the hell was Jack O'Neill to have that kind of power?

Jack O'Neill was an old man with bad knees who couldn't ever begin to fill the shoes of one George Hammond, that's who.

"Just give him a little more time," Jack said, clenching his fist. Was it the right choice? Made for the right reasons? Or solely based on the whatever-it-was that he had with Daniel that had left him with this feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach ever since Daniel beamed up to Osiris' ship.

"General. I recommend we open fire immediately.

"General, please advise."

Carter was there, too. The thought of losing them both was unbearable. All of this was unbearable. Dead Jaffa who might have become free Jaffa should be unbearable, but he had no real choice, and if he fried in Hell for it, well, he was already headed that way.

"You have your orders. Hold your fire."

See you soon. Daniel, looking at him earnestly, saying those words, disappearing.

God, Daniel. God. Please, God.

"General O'Neill? They are powering up their hyperdrive. We are out of options."

Do it, Daniel. Come back. Bring Carter with you. Don't…don't leave me here.

"Wait," he managed to say, somehow. He would give them every chance he could. If they were still alive… In Daniel's case, maybe even if he wasn't…

"General O'Neill. It looks like you were right. We have the gate and SG-1 aboard. They are alive."

He should feel relief. He should feel happiness. He felt like throwing up.

Earth was back in business. Hundreds of thousands of Jaffa might die at the hands of the Trust, but Jack didn't want to think about that right now. He'd fulfilled his mandate. His team was coming home.

See you soon.

Jack closed his eyes. Soon, Daniel.

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For anyone who finds that they have switched/been switched to the new LJ format, and wants to change back, [ profile] fengi has a post showing how to make the switch:


I have a pretty good imagination, but I cannot imagine Dreamwidth ever instituting such a major change without any word of warning beforehand or any explanation afterwards.
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So, last weekend, one year ago, I popped up to Calgary for a sandwich. Scroll down!

♥ ♥ ♥

I hope that everyone attending FedCon this year will have a wonderful Rick/Michael experience, with bonus "A-Tapps"! :-D


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