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On the theory that many people have lives and don't hang around LJ on the weekends: 'Idyll', Dan/Cam, sequel to 'Matinee', NC-17

And based on no theory at all, under the cut...

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[personal profile] paian requested:  Jack/Daniel, sex sling :-)

:-)  Makes me smile, too.


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[personal profile] zats_clear requested:  Daniel/Ronon   contentious, weapons, sweat, teeth (just tossin' you some mood and fetishes here. go whither you will)

Hope this works for ya!

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[personal profile] ivorygates requested:  Daniel/(Dealer's Choice); Fur (I'm thinking mink bedspread, but I don't want to cramp your style...)

This is Sunday's drabble, many hours later than usual.  Who knows, there may be another one after midnight.  :-)

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[personal profile] melayneseahawk requested: Finger licking/sucking, or any kind of hand fetishing. And Jack/Daniel, naturally.

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This drabble is for [personal profile] tejas, who requested...well, she requested a lot of things, but it boils down to:  J/D.   Personalized written porn (as in, written by one of them about them, of course). Yes, I want them to slash themselves.

I took a slight liberty, but I think she'll be pleased with the result.  *g*

'POV' )
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[personal profile] merricatk requested: Vinnie, Sonny, threesome. 

This is the Wiseguy fandom, for those of you who aren't familiar with those names.  Vinnie is a federal agent with the Organized Crime Bureau, on his first undercover assignment.  Sonny is his mobster target.  They never taught Vinnie at Quantico what to do when your target becomes your best friend.  Their love is canon, and if I recall correctly, this scenario is pretty much canon, too:

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[personal profile] starting_gate requested: Jack's tipsy, and happy. :)


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It was so hard waiting for midnight to post this drabble!  :-D

[profile] msbeata requested: George/Walter,  under-the-desk blowjob during a meeting.

Kink #1 was 'On Vacation'.  This one is...

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[personal profile] wraith816 requested:  I'll say...any pairing I won't object to, and (semi-) public sex.

And so A Kink A Day begins with the first drabble:


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I blame

[personal profile] tejas

I'm going to attempt to produce one kinky drabble per day, but I will require your help.

Give me a prompt.  It can be as simple as "sex with fruit" *g*, or you can also give me a character or pairing, and/or an indication of how serious or humorous you'd like it to be. 

But bear in mind that prompts such as "George/Walter, rubber" are automatically going to make me snicker, and I might not be able to keep that out of my writing.  ;-)

I'll take the first ten prompts.  Any fandom I'm familiar with is fine; Jack/Daniel will probably be my default if you don't specify something.

Ready?  Go!



PROMPTS ARE FILLED NOW.  Thank you for playing our game, boys and girls.  :-) 



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