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Ten unconnected drabbles written for the [community profile] jd_ficathon Prompt-a-Thon, which is running through the end of the month. The list of prompts is here. There's still time to pick a prompt or two!

A big thank you to Beth ([personal profile] lolmac) for the title suggestions! I grabbed a bunch of them, and was inspired by others. *smooches*

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Originally posted here. Prompts used: fingerfucking, kneel, firelight, shiver, butt plug

I'll try to come up with something a bit pornier later, but scanning the prompts immediately put this picture in my head:

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A double drabble set early in Season One. The first half came to me while I was reading a fanfic that mentioned Sha're, and the second half came to me after I wrote the first half, because there had to be more. Point and counterpoint...

Of Human Bondage

She couldn't push him away; she couldn't close her eyes and not see. She couldn't deny his mastery of her body; couldn't ignore his exquisitely careful touch, or the passion of the kisses seared upon her lips. His skin was warm and sleek; the play of his muscles beneath her hands spoke to her womanhood. He whispered words of love and adoration, and her head twisted this way and that, not to escape them, but in obscene response to them.

She couldn't escape her prison or her torment. All she could do was repeat, over and over, "Danyel, save me."


I pull my Lord close to me and drink in his beloved face, drown in his eyes. His hands pluck and strum me like an instrument; I sing to his command. I open to his kisses and return them with redoubled heat. Joy springs within me as his body covers mine, all power, all virility, harnessed then majestically unleashed. Eyes, mouth, hands, and manhood worship and praise me. I am not worthy, yet I am beloved. My Lord, my God, moves within me, and all that I am, all that I have, reaches out, yearns, strives…

Behold, I am delivered.
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1. SG-1, Jack O'Neill, bucket list (slash)

2. Stargate SG-1, Daniel, it was weird to find all these notes he'd written to himself a year ago and not remember writing them (gen)

3. Stargate SG-1, Daniel and Jack, post-its from Jack that Daniel has found (slash)

4. Stargate SG-1, any, usually a kiss from a pretty girl is supposed to turn the frog into a prince, not the gate team member into a... whatever that was. (gen)

5. SG-1, Jack/Daniel, sleeping in (slash)
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Inspiration struck while I was reading a fic tonight:


Jack has always loved these moments. They’ve both already come; there’s zero urgency. Languor, Daniel says. Good word. Jack looked it up. Slowness, stillness, dreaminess. Daniel’s more than half-asleep and less than half-hard in Jack’s mouth. Daniel’s thigh cradles Jack’s head, his scent fills Jack’s nostrils. Jack’s mind drifts lazily back over their love-making as his body quiets, sated. And the best part? Jack can gently lick and suck and savor to his heart’s content, holding Daniel on his tongue, tasting his salt, his come, tracing his veins, loving the weight and shape of him as Daniel slowly, slowly diminishes….


(I began to worry that I had used this title before. Not quite! Another drabble from nearly four years ago: 'Languorous')
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Title: The Feel of Cotton
Author: Sid
Wordcount: 300
Response to Image Prompt #11 at Jack/Daniel Prompt Fic

Check out the image first, and then click to read!
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Just a little drabble. :-)


(Is it still Sunday where you are?  Oh, hell, if it's still Sunday anywhere in the world - it's not too late to make Jack and Daniel smile.  :-)
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Over at [ profile] comment_fic, for the prompt: Jack in dress uniform with Daniel stripped naked on his knees.

'Oh, kneel'
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Another [ profile] comment_fic prompt caught my eye: SG-1, Jack/Daniel, alien candy

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(originally posted here)

"What just happened?" Jack asked, waiting for that floaty feeling to subside. Damn, he felt good! Warm and....

"We made love, O'Neill."

"I don't remember that," Jack said, sighed.

"You touch me," Thor said softly. Not that he ever said things loudly, but this seemed exceptionally soft. Tender. Jack felt as though he were wrapped in a fleecy blanket.

“I don’t remember that, either.”

Thor’s face hovered above him. “I did not mean it literally.”


“Soon your memory of this will fade.”

“What memory?”


“But… how?”

Fortunately Jack’s memory of Thor wearing a strap-on faded away almost instantly.
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Q: What's the opposite of fluffy?

A: This.

300 words, set between Seasons 8 and 9.  J/D established relationship.

Many thanks to [ profile] melayneseahawk  and [ profile] tesserae  for help and reassurance.  :-)


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From 2006, The Twelve Drabbles of Christmas

(It was intended to be gen, but it quickly became J/D.  What can I say?  Two years later, nothing much has changed. *g*)

Happy Anything or Nothing At All to my lovely Flist!
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Real camels for one, a real infant to adore for the other.




Daniel turned slowly in a circle. He recognized this place from MALP images, although the wreaths and colored lights were new. Atlantis. He’d finally come… his thrill faded. Emptiness filled him.


Jack surveyed the party. Had to be Washington, judging by the amount of brass and the high levels of insincerity. He glimpsed himself in a mirror: shiny new stars and a trapped expression. 




He sat up, swaying, blinking. The phone rang.  No Caller ID was necessary.  He reached for a new and better future.

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Daniel stepped out of the cabin’s bedroom. “I feel ridiculous.”


Jack twisted around. “Do they fit?”


Daniel tugged experimentally. “I guess.”




Daniel padded to the couch and sank down into the cushions.


Jack threw an arm around him. “Comfy?”




“Perfect for lounging by the fire on a snowy night?”


Daniel sighed. “They’re absolutely perfect in every way. Is that what you want to hear?”


“They’re absolutely perfect in one way,” Jack corrected.




Jack ran his hand down Daniel’s back. “Good old-fashioned trap-door technology,” he said, and watched with delight as Daniel flushed as red as his longjohns.

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Half asleep and more, Daniel leans against the wall, eyes closed as he pisses into the toilet, vaguely hoping that he’s not dreaming, not soaking the sheets in reality. He doesn’t flush; he might wake himself up.


Should have turned off the computer and gone to bed three hours ago.


He opens his eyes enough to find his way to the bed. Climbs in, pulling the covers up. He sinks into the pillow and into sleep.


Warm weight presses against his back, a voice murmurs, "'bout time,” and Daniel knows he’s still not dreaming.


Or the voice would be Jack’s.


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Dom!Daniel's an artist, Jack's his favorite canvas....

For the J/D Kinkathon: here


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