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Linking to an SG-1 fic written in October for the Season Two Challenge at [community profile] event_horizons.

It's a gen missing scene from 1969, inspired by a real event in RDA's life. You can read it on DW or at AO3.
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Soooooooup! Episode Alphabet Soup!

Gen, 240 words, based on the episode 'Legacy', Janet POV.

Z is for Zebras

They drill it into you in medical school. The most likely explanation for whatever symptoms a patient presents with, is the most likely explanation. 'Think horses.' Daniel's diagnosis was clear-cut. Migraines, hallucinations, increased dopamine levels… Everything added together pointed in one direction. I called in Doctor MacKenzie. He agreed with my conclusions.


We put Daniel away. Committed him, medicated him, stopped listening to him. The only thing that saved Daniel in the end was Machello's device transferring itself into Teal'c.

Teal'c inadvertently saved Daniel's sanity and ended up nearly losing his own life. Daniel saved Teal'c by telling us what we should be looking for.

What I learned in medical school had been of no use to anyone up to that point. My sole worthwhile contribution in the entire process was ultimately the idea to use the centrifuge to make an injection of Sam's blood safe for the rest of us. Everything else I did or said was either useless or harmful.

'First do no harm' is the other thing they drill into you in med school.

I failed Daniel in every way.

I am the chief medical officer of a command that has the word 'Stargate' in its title. Why did I assume that the mundane answer would be the right one, when my patients travel for a living to other planets?

God help me, from now on, when I hear hoofbeats, I am going to think zebras.
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Written in response to the [community profile] jackdanielpromptfic Episode Prompt of the Month for April 2014, this is a 775 word 'Forever In A Day' episode tag. It's rated G, and it's gen or pre-slash as you choose.

Welcome back, [personal profile] paian!

The Path Ahead

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For [ profile] sg_fignewton's prompt: Teal'c and Daniel doing something gennishly fun together while Sam and Jack are stuck with military protocol things.

230 words, rated G

Choosing Sides
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Written to [personal profile] princessofgeeks's prompt: Jack and Daniel, After Red Sky

Gen (probably, depending on your goggles of choice), 1316 words, PG for a bit of language.

The title comes from Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address.

The Better Angels of Our Nature
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My On-World Alphabet Soup contribution is beneath the cut. 1,447 words, rated G, original team. All the action takes place at Sam's house. Watch Season 5's Ascension to refresh your memory of the layout, or just take a peek at this dandy floorplan a Stargate fan produced! (There will be a test later...)

Thank you to [personal profile] ivorygates for her beta and her sharp eye for architectural details. :-)

S is for Sprained Ankle )
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For [personal profile] babs_sg1: Shortest day/longest night-the turning of the year off-world.

Celebrate the Season
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For [personal profile] karmageddon, Sparkling, Sam/Janet, resolutions

For [personal profile] lilyleia78, Food For Thought, Jack/Daniel, combining Christmas traditions

For [personal profile] jdjunkie, Five Lost Causes, Jack and Daniel's New Year Resolutions lists, Five Things style

For [personal profile] zats_clear, Like Grains of Sand, Sha'uri, desert in starlight
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For the 2013 [personal profile] spook_me Multi-Fandom Ficathon, using the monster prompt: Shapeshifter.
~1400 words, gen (although I suppose you could read a little something J/D into it...)

Thank you to [personal profile] ivorygates for the beta!

on Ao3

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My [community profile] sg1friendathon story has gone live! It's gen, 1515 words, and the prompt I used was: Cam and Daniel. Episode tag to Prototype, on the shooting range.

(Prototype is the one with Khalek, SON OF ANUBIS. I managed to sprinkle tidbits of Jack O'Neill into the story, even though he's off in D.C. *g*)

You can read it here.

Stories are being released from the queue one-per-day, so there are already 13 other excellent gen stories for your reading pleasure. :-)
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What you need to know is that a screencap of Jonas Quinn's Season 6 office shows a teddy bear on a high shelf. Which Daniel Jackson gave to Airman Wells when he and his wife had a baby in Season 7's "Heroes".

In conversation with Ivorygates:

Sid: Perhaps it could be an alien bear, given to Daniel as a gift for saving a planet!

IG: I admit I am charmed by the notion of aliens giving large stuffed animals as gestures of gratitude.

Sid: I suppose if it were Jonas's, Daniel would have no reason to get rid of it unless he had some childhood Stuffed Toy Trauma driving him.

IG: *shoves plotbunny in your direction*

Sid: I smell crack!fic...

[personal profile] sid and [personal profile] ivorygates



When an offworld ritual to honor his team by the gifting of large stuffed animals triggers a traumatic emotional flashback in DOCTOR DANIEL JACKSON, can COLONEL JACK O'NEILL and THE REST OF SG-1 save the young archaeologist in time...?

Carter: You know I only played with Major Matt Mason!

O'Neill: I was more of a Tonka trucks guy, myself.

Jackson: *weeps hysterically*

Teal'c: *Jaffa eyebrow of confusion*

Teal'c: O'Neill, I believe Danieljackson's only hope is an ancient Jaffa ritual known as Bobzyer'unkl. But it is very dangerous...

O'Neill: Daniel's my friend, Teal'c! You know I'll do anything to save him. What does this Monkey's Uncle thing involve...?

Teal'c: It involves standing on one's head.

O'Neill and Carter: *look at each other*

Carter: How is that dangerous?

Teal'c: If one's symbiote becomes dizzy, one's health may be severely impaired.

O'Neill and Carter: *look at each other again*

Jackson: *hiccups loudly*

O'Neill: Okaaay. Moving on. Any other suggestions?

Teal'c: *sulks*

Jackson: I never could do headstands. *resumes weeping*

Carter: Sir! I might have an idea!

O'Neill: Now's the time, Carter.

Carter: If I'm right, and Daniel is experiencing the effects of a deep-seated phobia or trauma, then graduated exposure therapy might help break the cycle! It's a type of behavior therapy used to help effectively overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders, a form of counter conditioning developed by--

O'Neill: Carter!

Carter: Yes, sir. Basically, if we expose Daniel to a very small amount of what triggered the initial condition, he might be able to break out of it.

O'Neill: So all we have to do is find a My Little Pony?

Carter [digs in pack]: I carry a Beanie Baby with me at all times, sir.

O'Neill: Is that a...moose?

Carter: *nodding* Named "Chocolate"

O'Neill: *snorts*

Jackson: *sniffles and licks lips*

Teal'c: Is that a...pun?

O'Neill: A play on words.

Jackson: It's the same thing, Jack. *holds out one hand, dashing away tears with the other*

Teal'c: Daniel Jackson is very fond of that dessert. I have seen him eat it often.

Carter: *hands beanie over cautiously*

Jackson: *accepts gingerly*

O'Neill: My congratulations, Doctor Carter. I predict a rapid recovery for the patient.

Carter [a little embarrassed]: Thank you, sir.

Jackson [clutching Beanie Baby]: Thanks, Sam. [Gets unsteadily to his feet]

Teal'c: [Smirks oracularly]

O'Neill: Okeydokey then! Come on, kids, let's go home. [beat] Anybody want to stop at "Toys-R-Us" after work?

(for now!)
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A quick backup letter for the soup pot. ETA: a link to all the fic:

F is for Favorite

Lya doesn't play favorites. Her impartiality is a watchword among even the Nox themselves.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't have favorites. She sees the hope and goodness in young Daniel Jackson, the intellect and the compassion of brave Samantha Carter, the determination to save his people and the desperate need for redemption of the mighty Teal'c. She sees the cynicism, the scars, and the deep-buried faith of loyal Jack O'Neill.

She will always do the right and the fair thing, which always, so far, has turned out to be the thing that helps those she cares about most. One day she knows that might change.

On that day, faces will no longer light up when they see her. Smiles will not spring to lips, eyes will cease to shine with delight.

Lya will lose her position as everyone's favorite ally.

So be it.
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For SG-1 Gen Fic Day, my contribution to [personal profile] fignewton's soup pot is 450 words of Freya musing about her symbiote's unfortunate tendency to jump the gun!

ETA: a link to all the soup fic:

Q is for Quacksalver )
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[personal profile] fignewton/[ profile] sg_fignewton still has some letters of the alphabet that need to be claimed for the Gen Fic Day soup pot!

For this fifteenth Soup, we will again have an ensemble cast: any character who is an ally of the SGC, whether onworld or offworld, and is not the subject of a previous Alphabet Soup. That means you can write about the Tok'ra or the Jaffa, but don't focus on Jacob or Bra'tac; similarly, you can write about Kelowna/Langara, but don't feature Jonas Quinn. It does mean you can write about any canon ally, from the people at the Land of Light to the Ancients, who have helped the SGC in any way. You may also use original characters within the context of canon - for example, using the POV of the dialogue-less black woman among the Tollan in Enigma, or creating an ADC for Chekov.

By making a claim, you are committing yourself to writing at least 100 words of gen fic by February 18th.

Fic can be posted to LJ or DW, but the sign-up sheet is on LJ.
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For SG-1 Gen Fic Day, and the Alphabet Soup du jour (Bra'tac and the Jaffa), I present V is for Voice.

379 G-rated words under the cut )
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I wrote to a couple of old unanswered prompts as part of our Set 150 celebration:

Five times Sam & Jack (fill in the blank). I went with 'gave in to their desires.' *eg*

Five times Daniel was stuck overnight in the infirmary when he wasn't sick or injured

Two things

Apr. 26th, 2012 11:46 am
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Or six, or seven, depending on how you want to count them. A double drabble plus a Five Things! :-)

At [community profile] phoenix_gate, 2001 And Counting. 200 words, rated G, prompt = Joe Faxon: life with the Aschen.

At [ profile] sg1_five_things, Five things John never forgave himself for
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At [community profile] phoenix_gate, Catherine/Ernest, prompt = picnic, 375 words, rated G. Future of Days Passed

At [community profile] arboreal_gate, a 265 word continuation of Fluffy, Branch #2. The link is to top-level comments only. Scroll up for the beginning of the fic, scroll to the bottom to see the newest additions (there's currently one following mine -- and it's hilarious!)

Also at [community profile] arboreal_gate, a 643 word continuation of the NC-17 Jack/Daniel cliffhanger (maybe it's time to come up with a name for this?). Top-level comment link again.

At [community profile] fic_promptly, prompt = Daniel, Easter, 894 words, rated PG. Where, O death, is now thy sting?


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