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Written in response to the [community profile] jackdanielpromptfic Episode Prompt of the Month for April 2014, this is a 775 word 'Forever In A Day' episode tag. It's rated G, and it's gen or pre-slash as you choose.

Welcome back, [personal profile] paian!

The Path Ahead

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1. So have you all seen the links flying around LJ and DW regarding Turkish oil wrestling?

Well, [personal profile] zats_clear wanted some SG-1 fic to be inspired by these links.

Some was. Turkish Delight. (J/D pre-slash, PG-13)

2. This next bit will make little sense if you haven't been following [ profile] troyswann's Peregrine AU WIP fanfic based on (Inspector) Lewis. So, begin with Peregrine and work your way through the list to the most recent entry, The Flavour of Strawberries. You won't regret it, because Sal writes the most golden of words. And it's so very extremely AU that you don't need to know canon!

And I wrote fanfic of her fantastic Alternate Universe: here. It's a future!fic, not part of the WIP.

Confused? Well, check it all out anyway. Immerse yourself in the world Sal built. Thank me later. :-)

3. In the not-ready-to-rock-and-roll-yet category, I spent 2 1/2 hours last night editing the [profile] aboreal_gate multiple-author, still-untitled NC-17 J/D cliffhanger, trying to align all the pieces parts and gain some semblance of continuity. It's at about 12,340 words, which is so AWESOME, when it all began as a fragment I had no clue where to go with. I'll write a final scene to tie up loose ends, throw it on the mercy of a beta or two to see whether or not it all hangs together, and take it from there. :-)
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This idea came to me one night, and I began writing it the next day but didn't get very far. By the time I came back to it, I'd forgotten where it was going. Note to self: briefly outline from now on.

Anyway, I found a place to take it, and a title that has so many delightful applications (which a little googling for definitions will find for you.) For me, the dynamic between the boys here puts this in Season One, but other interpretations are possible, and I'd be interested in hearing what you think.

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I have accomplished next to nothing this weekend, other than wallowing in fanfic that I'd saved to my hard drive years ago. My tastes are a bit more refined these days, I guess you might say. There were several stories that I instantly remembered from the title alone and was eager to read again...that turned out to not be as good as I remembered. Some were pretty good all the way through and then had atrocious endings. *shakes head*

Then I found one I didn't remember at all that had a perfect ending that left me smiling. And then I discovered there were two prequels that I don't remember reading before, but honestly, who remembers 2006? :-D

They're all posted in [ profile] blue_meridian's LJ. Humor, whump, angst, and sexy times. I think you'll enjoy them!

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Howdy, folks! This here is a little 420 word remix of [personal profile] princessofgeeks's 5,500 word Jack/Daniel Old West AU WIP 'the past is only dust on your boots'.

I highly recommend reading that first, or re-reading it. Not only is it absolutely wonderful, but my little offering will make a lot more sense with the other fresh in your mind.

A lot more sense. Unless you speak fluent Horse, that is, because this story is told from the POV of Sheriff Jack's mare. But I reckon you'll get the gist of it either way. Please enjoy.

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PG, ~1000 words, Jack/Daniel: truth serum

Just A Drop
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Written for the Cam Trope Ficathon, whose annual mission is to make certain that Cameron Mitchell gets subjected to all the mind whammys, gender swaps, bouts of hypothermia and AMTDI that the original team enjoyed so much. :-)

Title: Feathering the Nest
Author: Sid
Pairing/main characters: Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson
Other characters: Sam, Teal'c, Carolyn Lam, General Landry. Special guest star: General O'Neill
Rating: PG
Word count: ~7,300
Prompt: mpreg
Summary: Cam’s behavior is unusual – and the reason behind it is even more unusual
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For [personal profile] zvi, who asked for: Cam/Teal'c, Apartment hunting.

2BR 1 1/2 bath
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WIP no longer! \o/

And the wonderful [ profile] catspaw_sgjd  and [ profile] princessofg  tell me that it doesn't suck at all (and helped me fix the parts that sucked a little.)

~1,350 words, PG, 1st person Hammond POV.


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475 words, gen or pre-slash. Thank you to

[personal profile] melayneseahawk and [personal profile] troyswannfor finding the word that was eluding me.  :-)

(sekrit message for [personal profile] starting_gate: it's pure coincidence!)



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[personal profile] avidrosette requested: Jack/Daniel, how do Jack and Daniel reconcile after the fade-to-black in Shades of Grey?


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A drabble for the  [profile] sentinel_thurschallenge: Ice 

It had snowed on Saturday.  Sunday’s warmer weather turned everything to slush. Then temperatures plummeted again overnight, and on Monday morning there was a fresh dusting of white. Soft and fluffy and pristine and seemingly harmless, but concealing the treacherous patches of sheet ice underneath produced by the thawing and re-freezing of Saturday’s snow.
It was Jim who had the luck to slip. Lying on the ground, looking up at the gray sky, he saw a vision of an angel hovering over him. One with flyaway curls and concerned blue eyes.
Funny part was, he hadn’t even hit his head. 
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Some Season One pre-slash in honor of your important day!  Hope it's been great!  *smooches*

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Written for the [profile] sentinel_thurschallenge: Quiet Time 

Can be read as gen or *gasp* pre-slash.

Work done, feet up, game on, beer in hand, brain on pause. Jim loved his quiet time.
The toilet flushed, water ran, the bathroom door flew open. Sandburg scurried out in underwear and socks and dashed into his bedroom. Drawers creaked, shoes bounced across the floor, Sandburg muttered.
Jim sipped his beer and tried to focus on the game.
Sandburg appeared in shiny shirt and tight jeans. Crossed to the door, picked up his keys and grinned. “Don’t wait up for me.”
Jim saluted with his bottle as Sandburg disappeared out the door.
Jim used to love his quiet time.
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Early seasons UST.  Beta by [personal profile] tejas.  *smooches in her general direction*  580 words.

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Another story that was published in My Mongoose e-zine.  Again the artwork is by Peter (and yes, she's great), and [personal profile] janedavittperformed beta duties (because she's great, too).  I'd say this is set very early in the series, not long after Blair moves into the loft.  ~380 G rated words.


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This story was written on Saturday, and I have three more Sentinel stories that were published in an e-zine that are ready to post.  So I'm going with "Five Senses, Five Days" as a theme and a plan.  Now I just need something to post on Friday. *g*

Written for the OMC/OFC challenge over at [profile] sentinel_thurs, 1,580 PG rated words.
An old friend of Blair's turns up in the middle of an investigation, and Jim is not pleased.

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Yeah, yeah, I'll get back to my remix.  Meanwhile...

Daniel returns from vacation.  200 words, a soft R (heh).


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